Individual Counselling

Meeting one to one provides an opportunity to address personal issues in a safe confidential environment. These may be influenced by significant historical events or recent life experiences.

Common concerns brought to counselling are anxiousness, feeling down, dealing with stress, managing anger, experiencing grief, finding it a challenge to feel confident, or dealing with relationship challenges.

Relationship Counselling

When personal issues and external circumstances place stress on partnerships, relationship counselling can strengthen communication and connectedness, and build the resilience to manage and withstand challenges.

More effective communication through relationship counselling can address what can sometimes feel like a circularity of disagreements and separateness.

Family Therapy

Sometimes family patterns are best addressed when members of a ‘family’ bring their many perspectives together.

This can bring improvement in relationships, a reduction in misunderstandings and an attention to differences to find common ground. Attendance at these meetings would be by mutual agreement.

Family Mediation

Family mediation may be necessary to enable family disputes/disagreements, such as care arrangements for the children, to be resolved via an independent mediator.

Keeping the children’s best interests and welfare in the forefront, parents and caregivers often seek mediation to minimise the likelihood of protracted (potentially through the Family Court) disputes.

Wayne Gates can provide family mediation by private arrangement.


Separation Counselling

The prospect of separation can be daunting and challenging. Whether separation is a possibility, a likelihood or a certainty, parties (and sometimes their children) can often benefit greatly from assistance to manage this process.

This could be with a view to giving consideration to relationship recovery, creating an opportunity to reflect on the status of the relationship and develop a way ahead.

Separation counselling may deal with the inevitable strong feelings involved, improving the capacities of the parties to separate with fairness, respect and dignity.

Professional Supervision

This is available on an individual or group basis generally a fortnightly or monthly arrangement; to review, support and strengthen professional/clinical practice.